Octygen provides you with a fitting solution

Do you need to store maximum volumes in a small 96-well tube configuration? Then Octygen provides you with a fitting solution. Octygen is the first externally threaded 0.50 2D Data-Matrix coded screw cap tube that due to its innovative design uses just 40-50 % of the freezer space ordinary 0.50 ml screw cap tubes use. This means that using the same storage facilities you can store up to 150% more volume by using Octygen tubes. The external thread design of the Octygen tube furthermore efficiently reduces the risk of sample contamination. A polypropylene tube seal in the rim of each Octygen tube ensures high sample integrity by minimizing diffusion of vapour during storage.

Octygen Octygen Octygen Octygen

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Product Information

  • Gross volume 0.50ml
  • Net volume 475┬Ál when used with screw cap
  • Space saving shorter tube
  • Automation friendly
  • 2D codes are permanently laser-etched in the polypropylene
  • Resists high chemical solvents

  • Made in a controlled environment per ISO14644 and per ISO13485
  • RNase/DNase and pyrogene free
  • 100% quality control on all 2D codes
  • Externally threaded
  • Octygen tubes use only 40-50% of your freezer space
  • Only available pre-capped with black screw caps, sterile